This page intentionally left blank due to a lack of measurable rain last night

OK, its not completely blank…

Only a couple of drops here overnight.  Measured around Reddington Pass and in the other Catalina Foothills, the well-to-do one, but that’s not good enough for a post.  Hell, the Altocumulus/Altostratus clouds weren’t even that interesting yesterday, but if you do want to see them again, go here.

Nothing in the way of rain in sight now for another two weeks.  Ugh.

Also, I am against “geoengineering” where you mess with low clouds like Stratocumulus via aerosols to make them brighter on the top, thus, darker on the bottom, to reflect more of the sun’s light back into space.  Thought you would like to know that.  Lotta money about to head into crackpot (IMO) preliminary study schemes like that now days.  Haven’t we made a big enough mess without making more of a mess with some ludicrous attempt to change clouds over vast regions of the earth, as would be necessary to have the “desired” effect of cooling it?

By Art Rangno

Retiree from a group specializing in airborne measurements of clouds and aerosols at the University of Washington (Cloud and Aerosol Research Group). The projects in which I participated were in many countries; from the Arctic to Brazil, from the Marshall Islands to South Africa.