Let’s look a ahead to the 2014-15 winter, which might be one; Feb to close out on a cool note

We got a El Nino in the works, to be colloquial there for a second.  Will take a bite out of drought, and the California coastline due to big storms and waves next winter when it happens.  See old graphic below.  Supposed to develop during the next few months, and then be full blowed by fall, to continue a western dialect.  Pretty exciting, thinking about an El Nino.  This word, BTW, from Nate1, or rather, indirectly, from his El Nino expert forecasting buddies.

Summer rain’s not so much affected by an El Nino, but it could mean a  better chance of a rogue tropical storm affecting us in the fall because they’re stronger/longer as they sometimes push northward at that time of the year, and then our chances to get substantial rains during the winter season are pretty good , particularly late winter, Jan through May.  Obviously, pretty desperate, talkin’ about next fall and winter here in summer’s February.

1997-98 version
1997-98 version, which was really a huge one!

Just ahead, a cold one (or two)

Check these out,  spaghetti people:

Valid 5 PM Feb 20th.  Guaranteed in the cold trough bowl.
Valid 5 PM Feb 20th. Guaranteed in the cold trough bowl this day.  Get jackets ready.
Valid Feb 26th at 5 PM AST.
Valid Feb 26th at 5 PM AST.  Pretty strong signal that we’re still in at least a cool trough.  Rain, “iffy” in these situations but can’t be counted out.

The End.



1Now with the Southwest Fisheries Science Center, Monty (Monterrey, CA)