While waiting for the October rains….

Not much to report really.  Things aren’t going quite as I expectulated yesterday afternoon in a burst of excitement about a good rain here beginning as early as October 3rd, so maybe I won’t say anything further about that, kind of pretend like I never said anything like that.  I do still think it will rain in October, however; not giving up on anything quite yet.

Next, I will distract you, get your mind off that, by showing a NOAA “ensemble” (spaghetti) plot based on last evening’s global data and let you figure it out.  That should do it; this is lot better than Sudoku.  This one below is valid for 5 PM AST, Friday, October 5th.  You might think about what teams are very likely going to be playing in really cold air for early October based on this map, baseball or football.

Hint:  where the blue lines bunch up some and extrude toward the Equator is where colder than normal air will be.  The more they are bunched together, the more reliable is the forecast.  Where they are scattered around, like in the SW, the more dicey the forecast.

Maybe some summer rain season stats tomorrow.
























The End.