Miriam’s sunset

At least former hurricane Miriam gave us a nice sunset of mostly layer ice clouds (Cirrostratus; Altostratus (where thicker).  Note portion of halo, upper center, above pointy-top cedar tree on the horizon.  Looks a broken streak of droplet clouds (Cirrocumulus) just below that  bit of halo.

Today’s overcast of Altocumulus and Stratocumulus, also associated with Miriam, develops some light rain to the south of us now.  Wasn’t supposed to get here (from U of AZ model yesterday), but, there it is, SLOWLY heading this way.  Will it make it? Don’t think so. If it does, it won’t be much, a trace?  Dang.

Next rain here, sometime in October….  None now shown for the next 15 days.  Maybe summer stats later today or tomorrow.  (Correction, updated at 1:05 PM local based on the US WRF-GFS model run at 5 AM:  

the almost “usual” rain has shown up, 324 h from now, that is, Thursday afternoon, October 11th.  Below is the precip for the 12 h ending at 5 PM that day.  Also, as “usual”, don’t count on it, but its not impossible either.  There a tiny heavier rain blob over Catalina or so.


Didn’t get to a rain stat presentation yet due to being absorbed by former company team’s activities in SEA last evening where, at the conclusion of the match, there was a display of sport’s anarchy.  The attendees of this event, in some kind of euphoric riot, lost control of themselves, climbed out of their seats and advanced onto the floor of the stadium where only the athletes and their entourages are supposed to be.

Two curious friends were at that game, my friend Nate, who got a big check (250 K$!) from Al Gore at the Whitehouse a few years ago due to being a science star, and my other friend Keith, who made a LOT of money photographing the explosion of Mt. St. Helen’s in 1980 because he was where he shouldn’t have been went it went off.   Keith then quit the Ph. D. program in the geophysics grad school at the U of WA and started a company, Remote Measurements,  due to all the money he made from that poster of the explosion.

Nate and Keith now share season tickets now to the Husky football games, as Nate and I once did, which I think proves something about fans of college fubball.

What does it prove?

Maybe its that you can like college fubball and still get a big check from Al Gore (who later went on from being Vice-president to a star in the movies).

Or, it just proves that you don’t have to be THAT bright to be a success in science (hahahahah-its just long, hard hours, not brillance, that counts).

And, it may prove that college fubball fans are sometimes not be who we think they are.  Feeling defensive here about being so absorbed last evening, so let us not forget that the writer was thanked by the People of Earth with a small monetary prize, a “scroll”,  AND…a trophy (!) for his and Peter Hobbs’ body of work in the domain of weather modification, all these goodies being presented in Capetown, SA, in 2006.  So, there, IQ feels better now.

As a joke on that that latter thought, my friend and grad school officemate, Ricky, from Harvard U. no less, and I used to throw a  football around at lunchtime on the lawn in front of the 7-story department of Atmos. Sci.  Building at the U of WA.  Before we went out the door to play catch, I warned Ricky that his perceived IQ would drop by 30 points when people look down and see him tossing a football, and, forget dating any of the women in the Department…  :}  Just kidding!

The End.