Grandson of “Frankenstorm” knocking on Heaven’s door (Catalina, Arizona)

Well, I think Catalina, AZ,  being next to the Catalinas, is “Heaven’s door”.   I think, too, to have a second consecutive thought,  that we’ll get more than an inch out of this Big Boy which is rare here in Catalina for a storm in the wintertime.  Not close in areal extent to the original… Continue reading Grandson of “Frankenstorm” knocking on Heaven’s door (Catalina, Arizona)

Wobbly storm drenches Catalina with 0.62 inches of rain!

The above could be a headline in the Catalina Cryer; but that erratic storm that sent sheets of middle and high clouds over us everyday for a week it seemed, finally came through with a stupefyingly good rain.  I just could not believe how that storm kept “giving” all day and into the evening yesterday,… Continue reading Wobbly storm drenches Catalina with 0.62 inches of rain!


With a thunderstorm at 7 AM LST yesterday mainly toward Saddlebrooke, you may have thought, “What a thundery day this will be!  It will be like Cherrapunji during the Indian-Bangladesh monsoon season when it rains and thunders all day and inches of rain pile up!” And of course, it wasn’t going to be like that… Continue reading Thunder-rooskie

Drops away!

As a photographer, you like to develop a niche.  My niche, of course, if you follow this site, is gray matter overhead, an amorphous, gray balls.  Now yesterday was a great day for adding something to my collection since a Cumulus base, one that was clearly headed for better things than just being a Cumlus… Continue reading Drops away!

Anyone for sprouts?

Man, I wanted some sprouts so BAD yesterday afternoon!  But, no, it looked like there weren’t going to be any.  The air seemed to be too dry near the tops of the small Cumulus clouds that populated our sky until 3:30 PM LST.  But then, voila, sprouts!  Little acorns grew into huge cauliflowers!  And then,… Continue reading Anyone for sprouts?

Watching rain come out of the Arizona summer sky

Here is a sequence of photos showing the development of a rainshaft from a prior “doing nothing” cloud base.  For a long time, it appeared that these dark clouds, bottoms of Cumulus clouds, were too raggedy, not contiguous enough in a nice, large and dark region indicating a wide updraft, one  that might push cloud… Continue reading Watching rain come out of the Arizona summer sky


Sunset, anyway, even if only a few drops of rain fell last evening.   Nice lightning to the south, too, 9-10 PM. However, yesterday afternoon, we had some examples of really “bad” cloud bases.  They were trying to make me think we might have a repeat of the day before’s cloudburst by darkening themselves up.… Continue reading Peachy!

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Both the rainbow last evening, and in a momentary language lapse below…. A once-severe severe thunderstorm with warnings out at one time, whimpered into Catalina last evening giving us just sprinkles or, in aviation parlance, “RW–” (meaning, “very light rain shower”) And long with it, one of our memorable sunset views of the rocky faces… Continue reading Colorful