Parhelia-sun dogs explained here.  We had a couple late yesterday afternoon.  See below.

Models have been running out of rain for Catalina lately for our little weather change that’s coming up.  At one time, we were the epicenter of rain in the mods, more than half an inch was predicted at one time.  Now, they’re calculating only a marginal rain amount as our upper low, now off California FINALLY gets sucked this way out of the Pacific.

Almost as usual, more rain is predicted near the end of the model run, available directly from the NOAA-NCEP source here.

Maybe tomorrow, in our boring spell of weather,  I will have you memorize weather symbols/hieroglyphics, the kind seen on weather maps.

Or maybe I will post a boring rant of some kind on something like how horrible our NOAA climate publications have gotten over the past 20 years or so, having oodles of missing data, such as in the publication, Climatological Data, Arizona.  You wouldn’t believe how bad it is now days!  And THIS, when the study of climate and change is so important!  How can NOAA let this happen??????  (as you can see, just thinking of this has me upset!)  It wasn’t that way when I was growing up when climate studies produced a yawn.


4:59 PM on Equestrian Trail Road.
5:00 PM zoom.

5:00 PM also.  For emphasis, I have added an arrow where there is some kind of sun glint in the camera lens; it is NOT a flying saucer, as many of you would like to think so that you could tell the newspapers, family and friends that indeed intelligent ife forms outside of earth exist and they are watching us.