The summer 2012 rain season by radar

I was thinking about you and thought maybe you would like to see these charts from NOAA concerning our “not bad” summer rain season, well the past 90 days, July, August and September.  Maybe you’d like to see what the whole State of Arizona got, along with a percent of normal, so here they are.  (It was a bit better here in Catalina than elsewhere around here where we were about two inches above normal (from a 36 year record).

As you can see, quite a few areas got 10-15 inches (brownish centers of yellow areas).  As usual, the above and below normal areas are splotchy, with only a general assessment of usually wet along the Colorado River into southern Nevada (they’ll be talking about this summer for awhile in some of those areas!), and below normal in the eastern 25% of the State.  But, if you look at New Mexico and southern Colorado, you should feel lucky since they really saw a lot of dry days.

Below are maps like the above for the whole US, so you can see how we fit in to the national summer rainfall pattern.  It was great to see those droughty areas we heard so much about at the beginning of summer, say in Texas, come up with above normal rains.

You can make these maps yourself here at the NOAA national site for precip from radar.