Rain drenches Catalina! Mt Lemmon passes four inches!

Sutherland Heights total as of 5:34 AM (tipping bucket): 0.90 inches!  No way was this much expected from this keyboard.  Looks like the rain is going to continue for a few more hours, too.  Just terrific!  Update:  1.21 inches in CoCoRahs gauge at 7 AM!

As of 4:34 AM, these totals from the Pima County ALERT gauge rolling archive :

Catalina Area        
0.87  Golder Ranch (Horseshoe Bend Rd in Saddlebrooke)
1.26  Oracle Ranger Stn approximately 0.5 mi SW of Oracle 
0.94  Dodge Tank, Edwin Rd 1.3 mi E of Lago Del Oro Parkway               1.34  Cherry Spring, approximately 1.5 mi W of Charouleau Gap 
1.38  Pig Spring, approximately 1.1 mi NE of Charouleau Gap
0.94  Cargodera Canyon, NE corner of Catalina State Park 
0.79  CDO @ Rancho Solano, Cañada Del Oro Wash NE of Saddlebrooke
0.71  CDO @ Golder Rd, Cañada Del Oro Wash at Golder Ranch Rd

Santa Catalina Mountains
1.42 Oracle Ridge, Oracle Ridge, approximately 1.5 mi N of Rice Peak
4.06 Mt. Lemmon, Mount Lemmon
1.42 CDO @ Coronado Camp, Cañada Del Oro Wash 0.3 mi S of Coronado 
1.02 Samaniego Peak, Samaniego Peak on Samaniego Ridge  (looks low)
3.03 Dan Saddle, Dan Saddle on Oracle Ridge
2.20 White Tail, Catalina Hwy 0.8 mi W of Palisade Ranger Station
0.83 Green Mountain, Green Mountain
1.97 Marshall Gulch, Sabino Creek 0.6 mi SSE of Marshall Gulch

Let us look noew at the precursor clouds from yesterday:

Sorry, no images.  It took more than 2 h to upload several images yesterday, and now, as also has happened since downloading the latest version of WP, several seconds before I see what’ve typed!

This has been going on for weeks and weeks, ending the fun in  blogging.

Will be spending the next few weeks either moving to another hosting site, blogspot, or figuring out why WP has become unusable (again).

The End.

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By Art Rangno

Retiree from a group specializing in airborne measurements of clouds and aerosols at the University of Washington (Cloud and Aerosol Research Group). The projects in which I participated were in many countries; from the Arctic to Brazil, from the Marshall Islands to South Africa.