4 thoughts on “Some cloud and shadow photos from yesterday’s windy day; not much else”

  1. Hah! That’s not going to happen very often, though in the next few days, we’ll certainly eclipse you in that regard, give me something to do besides mope around about how dry its been.


  2. Okay, how about this, Art? We had snow here this morning, about 1.5 inches. AND, it’s going to get cold on Sunday- could go down to 16F.

  3. Hi, Roland,

    Well, a more youthful me in SEA would have been very excited about some snow. Indeed, all work stopped, pretty much, at the U of WA when the flakes came down, many leaving at the sight of the first flurry. And that 16°F is now daunting. I’m cold now when its 75°F and the wind is blowing, how pathetic izzat?

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