Sky Guide cloud chart poster and points of sale

Buyer advisory:  This cloud chart is not one of the little dinky ones that you often see out there.  This chart is HUGE for a cloud chart; 25×38 inches!  Looks great framed in your den.  Shows a certain amount of environmental acumen, even concern.

Also creates peace of mind, reduces pain, and dissipates headaches providing you stare at it long enough to fall asleep!  No money will be refunded if these claims are untrue.

(Just kidding; the author of this does not sell them, but you can find it at these fine school catalogs:

School Specialty, Inc.


Acorn Naturalists

Irwin International

School Tech

The poster on these web sites, for the most part, are older versions.  The present version being sold, printed in 2015, is below:


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