The Greening

Its not a  review of a new Stephen King movie where people turn green after eating too many vegetables.  Its a status report on growing grass as of yesterday from a hike.

Got pretty excited yesterday watching grass grow.  Below, some exciting examples of growing grass, mostly from the flats around the Canada del Oro wash near the Catalina State Park entry building,  in case you’re thinking about rushing down yourself to see grass grow. Some areas are not so far along (last photo).

Nice to see this eruption of green after our 2 inches or so of rain recently.  Even saw a couple of poppies popping up by the entrance to the Park.

More rain in route, as you know.  You can see it spread in from Cal here in this model depiction from the U of Arizona Wildcats weather department.  It arrives Tuesday overnight.  Amounts appear to be rather modest at this time–around a quarter of an inch.

Chance of measurable rain here in Catalina?   100% (IMO).

While these photos popped in in a rather timely manner after changing ISPs, typing text remains an unsolved buggabo; must wait several seconds to see what’s been typed, making any writing, such as it is, a real debilitating slog.  Thanks for sharing my pain.

The weather way ahead

Doesn’t look so great for more rain after this upcoming event.  The ensembles (spaghetti plots) show the trough bowl we are in now retrograding to offshore of the West Coast.  This will be great for droughty California, but downstream over the SW will be a ridge leading to a long dry and warm spell as this regime change takes place after our rain.

The End






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By Art Rangno

Retiree from a group specializing in airborne measurements of clouds and aerosols at the University of Washington (Cloud and Aerosol Research Group). The projects in which I participated were in many countries; from the Arctic to Brazil, from the Marshall Islands to South Africa.

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