Thunderbrew on tap

100% chance that those of us domiciled in Catalinaland will hear thunder today. Rain-cooled air blowing at us? Yep. Rain? Maybe, 60% chance at my house; 100 percent chance between the Catalinas and the Tortolitas up toward Park Links Road somewhere. Namely, there will be TSTMS, but exactly where no one knows. Clouds should pile up early on the Cats in more or less a line during the late morning, early afternoon, then as yesterday drift off toward the west-northwest, taking their rain with them, spawning more developments. The summer rain season begins anew!

Check out this for the depiction of hourly rain situations predicted for today, courtesy of our U of AZ Weather Department.


4:10 PM. Coming at you! Something like this, what we saw yesterday, should happen today, except they should blossom into full Cumulonimbus clouds.  Dewpoints are up!  Surf’s up! (Somewhere.)
7:32 PM. Nice sunset consisting of Altocumulus cumulogenitus clouds (originated with those mountain Cumulus clouds earlier in the day).






























The End.